on Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Too many CodePink hippies toss the word around from time to time. But do you know what the word actually means?

From Webster's:

Fascism - A political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation ... above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition
But can this term be applied to Obama's America? Lets see:

Centralized autocratic government? Check.

Dictatorial leader? Check.

Severe economic and social regimentation? Checkity check check.

With Obama forcing CEOs to resign, Timothy Geithner wanting the power to seize any company in America, and with Congress now mulling the option of controlling how much each and every employee in America is paid (yes really), we are steamrolling head-on into a socialist/fascist government faster than anyone would have dreamed just 5 short years ago. At this rate, Obama will be declaring himself king and tyrant in 6 months.

Be afraid, people. Be very afraid.

Hillary Clinton is a Retard

on Friday, March 27, 2009

...and yes, thanks to the 1st amendment, I can, in fact, say that.

Anyway, the illegal drug war in Mexico has reached its breaking point. So who does Hillary think is to blame for Mexico's drug problem? Why, America, of course:

The Obama administration wants to crack down on the sale of assault weapons that are arming Mexican drug cartels, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in an interview with NBC television.

Clinton late on Wednesday called letting a previous US ban on the sale of assault weapons expire "a mistake."

"I think these assault weapons, these military style weapons, don't belong on anyone's street," said Clinton who pushed for the ban as a New York senator.
Hillary's brain: "I know how to fix the drug problem! Let's make assault weapons illegal. Sure, drug lords have no shame in creating drugs illegally, and then shipping them to America illegally, and some drug lords have no moral objection to even living in America illegally... but I bet that if we make assault weapons illegal, they'll respect that law. Besides, even though they sell contraband on the black market, I bet they don't know how to buy an AK47 on the black market."


Great news! Thanks to Obama's rather apparent lack of common sense, terrorists at Club Gitmo could be coming to a neighborhood near you!

President Barack Obama's intelligence chief confirmed Thursday that some Guantanamo inmates may be released on US soil and receive assistance to return to society.

"If we are to release them in the United States, we need some sort of assistance for them to start a new life," said National Intelligence Director Dennis Blair at his first press conference...

Obama has vowed to close the controversial prison camp by next January and has ordered individual reviews for cases against each of the over 240 remaining prisoners...

The Obama administration is currently evaluating what could be done with the prisoners, he said, but pledged that if they are sent to another country, "we have to be sure that that country will treat them in a humane fashion."
Well isn't that just lovely. Many of these men were directly involved in plots to attack the United States and many more were caught conspiring against the U.S. So what better way to keep America safe than by releasing these men freely onto American soil in the interests of political correctness? After all, what could possibly go wrong?

Oh and by the way, to help fund their newly found freedom, your president wants to give them your tax money in the form of welfare. Awesome! Pray they don't use it to buy fertilizer and diesel fuel.

Punishment for Thee, But Not For Me

on Thursday, March 26, 2009

When AIG received the full blunt of the Obama administration last week, many in Barry's own cabinet demanded that the execs return the money. The outcry has since reached the point of calling for a return on any "bonus" received by any bailed-out company.

Ah, but how about now Rahm?

Before its portfolio of bad loans helped trigger the current housing crisis, mortgage giant Freddie Mac was the focus of a major accounting scandal that led to a management shake-up, huge fines and scalding condemnation of passive directors by a top federal regulator.

One of those allegedly asleep-at-the-switch board members was Chicago's Rahm Emanuel—now chief of staff to President Barack Obama—who made at least $320,000 for a 14-month stint at Freddie Mac that required little effort.
I wouldn't expect ol' Rahmy to return the money any time soon.

Blame Game

on Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Last night in his address, Barack Obama lied to the American public about how he "inherited" this out-of-control deficit.

Read it and weep, jerk. The figues don't lie:


The following speech was given by British MEP Daniel Hannan to his own country's prime minister yesterday, but I feel safe in saying that 99% of what is said here could be applied to Obama and his cabinet as well:

Help Wanted

on Tuesday, March 24, 2009

While millions of unemployed Americans are looking for new work, the Treasury Dept has a huge 'help wanted' sign in their window. After promising to execute better fiscal reform in Washington and committing to hold regulatory meetings in the Treasury each month, as of last night Barack Obama has still failed to fill 17 out of the 18 positions at the Treasury - and the only man seated there is currently being called upon from both sides to resign. If that alone doesn't speak leaps and bounds as to how much Barack Obama is in over his head with this financial crisis, then I don't know what does.

Power Grab

Obama just keeps inching more and more towards that slippery slope:

The Obama administration is considering asking Congress to give the Treasury secretary unprecedented powers to initiate the seizure of non-bank financial companies, such as large insurers, investment firms and hedge funds, whose collapse would damage the broader economy, according to an administration document.

The government at present has the authority to seize only banks.
Fantastic. Obama wants to power to seize any company in America that he deems as an "unsuccessful" company. How can anybody not see about a dozen problems with that statement?

Heck, why stop with financial companies, Barry? Why not start seizing the assets of each and every one of the millions of Americans working at those companies? And then why not take it a step further by seizing all of the earnings of small businesses making over $200,000/yr? After all, that is your ultimate plan, isn't it?.. To take from the wealthy and redistribute it to the lazy. Why not just get it all over with in one fell swoop instead of trying to be sneaky about it?

Pants on Fire

on Monday, March 23, 2009

Damning evidence, indeed.

Pair the clip above with the WSJ's article on how Geithner's crew has been working with AIG on the bonuses for months, and you've got a president caught in a lie big enough to make Pinocchio ashamed. Obama claimed a week ago today that he and his cronies in Washington had no clue about the bonuses until after they were paid. Hey Barry, check the timestamp on the video above - it's Dec. 30, 2008 which was several months before AIG ever paid them. You still holding to the story that your cabinet didn't know about them?

Now That's Bipartisanship!

Didn't Barack Obama promise during his campaign that he would end this kind of stuff in Washington:

Senior members of the Obama administration are pressing lawmakers to use a shortcut to drive the president's signature initiatives on health care and energy through Congress without Republican votes, a move that many lawmakers say would fly in the face of President Obama's pledge to restore bipartisanship to Washington...

"That would be the Chicago approach to governing: Strong-arm it through," said Sen. Judd Gregg (R-N.H.), .. "You're talking about the exact opposite of bipartisan. You're talking about running over the minority, putting them in cement and throwing them in the Chicago River."

The shortcut, known as "budget reconciliation," would allow Obama's health and energy proposals to be rolled into a bill that cannot be filibustered, meaning Democrats could push it through the Senate with 51 votes, instead of the usual 60. Presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton both used the tactic to win deficit-reduction packages, while George W. Bush used it to push through his signature tax cuts.
While the last sentence of the article suggests that this isn't the first time this tactic has been used by a president, it is, however, the first time that it has been used by a president who promised not to use it and even dedicated a portion of his biography to condemning the practice.

I'm now accepting everyone's guesses on how many more of his promises Barack Obama will break during his first 100 days.


on Friday, March 20, 2009

Remember that blissful time just a few short months ago when $800 billion seemed like an insane amount of money for government to spend.


President Barack Obama's budget would generate deficits averaging almost $1 trillion a year over the next decade, according to the latest congressional estimates, significantly worse than predicted by the White House just last month.

The Congressional Budget Office figures, obtained by The Associated Press Friday, predict Obama's budget will produce $9.3 trillion worth of red ink over 2010-2019. That's $2.3 trillion worse than the White House predicted in its budget.
As I pointed out yesterday, the total amount of debt accumulated by this country from George Washington's days til the end of W's era totaled a staggering $10.7 trillion. Now Obama plans to double our entire 225+ years' worth of debt in just 8 short years.

Hope your great-great-grandkids enjoy paying for Obama's out of control spending.


on Thursday, March 19, 2009

When Bush handed the reigns to King Obama the national debt totaled about $10.7 trillion. Keep in mind that that's the entire amount of debt we have accumulated from the time George Washington ran the show all the way up until D-Day when Rookie-in-Chief Obama took over.

And in 8 short weeks, Obama has spent the following:

  1. $1.2 trillion (including interest) on his pork-laden spending bill

  2. $1.5 trillion to implement his universal health care reform

  3. $2 trillion on new cap-and-trade regulation

  4. $1 trillion created out of "thin air" to purchase Treasury bonds and mortgage securities

  5. TOTAL SPENT IN 8 SHORT WEEKS: $5.7 trillion - more than half of the total debt accumulated in the first 225+ years of this country's existence

So I ask: Why then is Congress and the White House freaking out about a measly $160 million in bonuses (which they all authorized) - only 0.0028% of the total amount spent by Barack Obama to date on complete crap?

Answer: Because it is a populist technique designed to make a crappy administration look good in the eyes of the uninformed American public.

Sure, the AIG guys probably don't need the extra cash and shame on them for taking my tax dollars as a bonus, but there's a bigger point that people are missing here. We have reached a terrifying new era in American politics. That is, to punish people after the fact for an act which was 100% legal and authorized by the government when it was committed.

Imagine you are driving down the freeway today at the correct speed of 65 MPH. Now imagine that three years from now Congress decides that the new speed limit is 55 MPH. So they go knock on your door and try to issue you a ticket for speeding that same three years ago. You argue that when you were driving 65 MPH three years ago it was perfectly legal. They reply that that may be true, but now they like lower speed limits and want to exercise ex post facto and punish you anyway.

That is EXACTLY what is happening here. And once this is done, what's to stop them for punishing gun owners who legally purchased firearms in years past? Or folks whose great-great-great-grandaddy was slave owner?

Semi-related exit thought: It's nice to know that, while the economy is collapsing all around us, Barack Obama still has time to pick his NCAA bracket and go showboating on Jay Leno. Way to prioritize there, Chief.

PS - Did you know that Fannie and Freddie execs get big-time bonuses too? Where's your outrage over that, Obama?

Promises Made, Promises Broken

on Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Obama, February 12, 2009, while digging to find any possible reason he could to implement his ridiculous spending bill:

Yesterday, Jim, the head of Caterpillar, said that if Congress passes our plan, this company will be able to rehire some of the folks who were just laid off.
Caterpillar, March 17, 2009:

Caterpillar to lay off 2,454 workers in 3 states
Remember, Obama: Underpromise, overdeliver.

Pelosi = Traitor

This is from the woman running Congress and who is currently 3rd in line from the Oval Office

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently told a group of both legal and illegal immigrants and their families that enforcement of existing immigration laws, as currently practiced, is "un-American."

The speaker, condemning raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, referred to the immigrants she was addressing as "very, very patriotic."

"Who in this country would not want to change a policy of kicking in doors in the middle of the night and sending a parent away from their families?" Pelosi told a mostly Hispanic gathering at St. Anthony's Church in San Francisco.

"It must be stopped....What value system is that? I think it's un-American. I think it's un-American."
I'm just curious, Nancy... Since when did enforcing America's laws become "un-American"

Obama = Greenie

This guy has no clue what he's doing:

For the first time since last fall's election, Democrats and the Obama administration are backpedaling furiously on an issue easily understood by financially strapped taxpayers: $165 million in bonuses paid out at bailed-out AIG...

"It's shocking that they would -- the administration would come to us now and act surprised about these contracts," said Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., the Senate GOP leader. "This administration could have and should have ... prevented this from happening. They had a lot of leverage two weeks ago."

That would be when the Treasury Department decided to make an additional $30 billion available to American International Group Inc., the huge insurance conglomerate deemed too big to fail by two administrations....
Allow me to sum up the AIG timeline for you:

1) AIG needs money

2) AIG is granted money in the stimulus bills

3) AIG has contractual obligations to pay the bonuses

4) Chris Dodd adds amendments to the bills that allow AIG executives to pay bonuses through Feb 2009

5) Obama and the Democrats in Congress (along with a few RINOs) pass the bill without even reading it, thereby missing the loophole allowing for the bonuses

6) White House press secretary Robert Gibb's tells America it "knows where the AIG bailout billions are going" and not to worry because it is on top of it all

7) AIG pays the bonuses that it was contractually bound to do and that the White House said it (supposedly) knew about

8) Obama gets mad that AIG pays the bonuses even though the bill that explicitly allows them to do so has his signature on it (again, this is what happens when he signs the bill without even reading it)

9) Obama goes out on Monday and hammers AIG in populist rhetoric while praising the new CEO (who just happens to be the guy authorizing the bonuses, might I add)

10) The White House is then forced to crawl back into its gopher hole when it realizes that it knew about the bonuses all along and had the ability to stop them, but chose not to

11) Obama and cronies try to find a way to take the money back in the form of massive taxes

12) (This step hasn't occurred yet, but will) Obama will be challenged by the United States Supreme Court for his unconstitutional taxes employed to recoup some of the bonus money that, again, HE AUTHORIZED WITH HIS SIGNATURE TO BEGIN WITH!

Like others, I myself am beginning to seriously question the competency of Obama and his cabinet.

Complete Ineptitude

on Monday, March 16, 2009

Even the more leftist Obama shills are starting to figure it out...

Not long ago, after a string of especially bad days for the Obama administration, a veteran Democratic pol approached me with a pained look on his face and asked, “Do you think they know what they’re doing?”

The question caught me off guard because the man is a well-known Obama supporter. As we talked, I quickly realized his asking suggested his own considerable doubts.

Yes, it’s early, but an eerily familiar feeling is spreading across party lines and seeping into the national conversation. It’s a nagging doubt about the competency of the White House.
I'm stumped. People are just now starting to realize that electing a guy with no executive, economic, or business experience and an ultra-thin resume in the middle of a tough recession might have been a bad idea?

Note to Obama: The polls don't lie, champ. You're approval ratings are now lower than public hero George Bush's were at this point. Good luck with that.

More Bad News for Al Gore

on Saturday, March 14, 2009

Remember in 2005 when Al Gore boldly declared that, because of global warming, hurricanes would be so common and severe that people in Colorado would have to seek shelter from them?


Tropical cyclone (TC) activity worldwide has completely and utterly collapsed during the past 2 to 3 years with TC energy levels sinking to levels not seen since the late 1970s.
Add to this the fact that global warming skepticism in America has now reached an all-time high and that Discovery.com now even thinks that global warming is "on hold", and you have a perfect trifecta devastating enough to make Al Gore crawl into the fetal position on the floor of his incredibly energy-inefficient home.

ACLU Hard at Work Again

on Friday, March 13, 2009

Our friends at the ACLU (you know, the same people who provide legal help to suspected terrorists and want to grant the rights to Code Pink to protest veterans' funerals) have outdone themselves yet again with this latest embarrassment of a fiasco aimed at your children. A district in California has made it illegal for children to leave school for medical treatment without notifying parents. But the ACLU aims to reverse that, while slipping in a little something extra of their own:

The ACLU is threatening to sue a California school district after it changed a policy to require teenagers get parental consent to leave campus for confidential medical services.

The Vista Unified School District board voted unanimously Thursday to change its existing policy that allowed students to be excused for confidential appointments — including abortions — without notifying parents, according to the North County Times.
The government already provides condoms and sex ed training in schools, making the process now complete, and all thanks to the great efforts of the ACLU. Your kids can now get condoms and sex ed training in 1st period health, leave campus during lunch, and get a abortion during 6th period gym - and all without having to notify parents. How efficient!

Of Course!

To anyone out there who wants more evidence that Obama is the most backwards man to run this country, here's a cold splash of water for your weekend:

President Obama has just released the name of his pick to head the Justice Department’s Civil Division. Who is it? John Walker Lindh's defense attorney - the same John Walker Lindh who trained and ultimately became a member of the Afghan Taliban and even sat at the feet of Osama Bin Laden himself.

So there you go. The lawyer who defended a member of the Osama Bin Laden's Taliban is now Obama's pick to work for justice in America. My, how far we've come since 9/11.


Headline of the Day: Obama's Poll Numbers Are Falling to Earth

Heh. Maybe it's because, instead of fixing the economy, he's decided to spend his valuable time coordinating attacks on Rush Limbaugh, holding important meetings on how to keep up appearances with the local glitterati, insulting our strongest ally, shafting our veterans, and trying to use this economic crisis as an excuse to pass his radical agenda that is, in fact, hurting the market more than helping it. The DOW has sunk as much as 15% under his watch - a travesty that the majority of economists have attributed directly to his implemented policies.

Don't consider me to be surprised here. I knew this was gonna happen. In fact, most out there who voted against Obama knew this was gonna happen too. Only now are large numbers of Obama supporters beginning to feel some buyer's remorse for their November ballot cast proudly for The One on his empty promises of hope and change.

Friday morning tip to Obama: My father used to always tell me "Underpromise, overdeliver." And yet, Obama, you have instead decided to do the exact opposite thereby alienating both your wavering democratic base and frustrated republicans across the board. Well played, sir.


on Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fearless champion of liberty and financial freedom Barack Obama has spent the last 6 weeks of his incredibly productive presidency declaring from the rooftops the impending doom of the next depression that is surely right around the corner.

...Except today:

Confronting misgivings, even in his own party, President Barack Obama mounted a stout defense of his blueprint to overhaul the economy Thursday, declaring the national crisis is "not as bad as we think" and his plans will speed recovery.
What is this guy smoking? I want some.

More Priorities

I already hammered Obama once for his apathetic response towards the rotten markets by choosing to host White House meetings on how to attack Rush Limbaugh instead of how to attack the economy?

But alas, The Leader has outdone himself yet again with this latest act guaranteed to get blood shooting from your eyes:

While publicly identifying with the nation's have-nots, the Obama administration has been quietly cultivating the Beltway social elite behind the scenes.

Earlier this year, the Obama administration invited top editors of Washington's three local luxury lifestyle magazines, Capitol File, DC Magazine and Washington Life to a meeting where, among other things, they discussed how the President and first lady can embrace Washington's glittery social scene...

The outreach to the luxury lifestyle glossies, which cater to the region's highest socioeconomic strata with knowing coverage of everything from the choicest real estate and most exclusive parties to the plushest resorts and spas, is not the only recent evidence that the Obama administration is eager to forge ties with the nation's social and style arbiters.
This man is on a light-speed path to epic failure, and we're in the backseat with him. If the economy was tanking and President Bush, instead of tackling to issues of real priority like this coming year's almost $2 trillion deficit, was hosting meeting after meeting and party after party to practice his skills on blinging with the local glitterati, Keith Olbermann would be breathing into a paper bag.

Obama Gets an F

...And it may not be his first seeing as he is still refusing to show us his grades from his Ivy League education he keep flaunting. Bush showed us his, after all...

Anyway, the WSJ has released their poll on Obama's handling of the economy. It should be added, for whatever extra gravitas, that this wasn't some bunk poll of random, uninformed Americans. This poll asked only economists how Obama stacks up. Their response:

U.S. President Barack Obama and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner received failing grades for their efforts to revive the economy from participants in the latest Wall Street Journal forecasting survey...

[E]conomists’ main criticism of the Obama team centered on delays in enacting key parts of plans to rescue banks. “They overpromised and underdelivered,” said Stephen Stanley of RBS Greenwich Capital. “Secretary Geithner scheduled a big speech and came out with just a vague blueprint. The uncertainty is hanging over everyone’s head.”...

The economists’ negative ratings mark a turnaround in opinion. In December, before Mr. Obama took office, three-quarters of respondents said the incoming administration’s economic team was better than the departing Bush team. However, Mr. Geithner’s latest marks are lower than the average grade of 57 that former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson received in January.
No shock here. I mean, for heaven's sake, President Obama, the man that is calling the shots on how to fix the markets and economy, thinks that a P/E ratio is a "profits and earnings" ratio... a ratio that doesn't even exist! How is that supposed to build confidence in the markets? Clearly this guy is a total financial novice!

Sure, this all started under Bush's watch, but Obama is prolonging this recession by trying to simultaneously implement his radical agenda. For example: Obama was championing health care reform a full year before this recession even started. Why then is he including health care reform as a "necessary" component of his economic recovery plan when health care had nothing to do with the recession to being with? Clearly he's using this crisis as a means to bring about his own "social engineering". After all, didn't his own chief of staff admit to that?

Look, Obama, if you want to pass you ultra-radical policies (what you and your followers call "change") then that is in your authority. But please, for the love of everything that is good and holy, PLEASE wait until this crisis is over before you start piling more weight on the economy's back with your policies.


What does Obama's cabinet think the best way is to reward our troops for their sacrifice to this country?

Answer: Make them pay for their own injuries:

Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki confirmed Tuesday that the Obama administration is considering a controversial plan to make veterans pay for treatment of service-related injuries with private insurance...

No official proposal to create such a program has been announced publicly, but veterans groups wrote a pre-emptive letter last week to President Obama voicing their opposition to the idea after hearing the plan was under consideration.

The groups also cited an increase in "third-party collections" estimated in the 2010 budget proposal -- something they said could be achieved only if the Veterans Administration started billing for service-related injuries.

Asked about the proposal, Shinseki said it was under "consideration."

"A final decision hasn't been made yet," he said.
Ed at HA makes a great point: The same government that had no problem giving $100 million to research lead-based paint or $400 million to STD research or $600 million to refurnish government offices or who knows how much money to AIG and to "rebuild" Gaza, now wants veterans injured in the service of their country to pay for their own battle-related injuries??

Is it even physically possible for Obama's cabinet to be any more backwards lately? Obama keeps this garbage up and 2012 will be a walk in the park.


on Wednesday, March 11, 2009

  • September 11, 2001 (Just minutes before the attack occurred): James Carville, Democratic Strategist - “I certainly hope he doesn’t succeed.” (regarding President Bush)

    Media Outrage: None

  • August 9, 2006: Fox News Poll asking Democrats "would you say you
    want President Bush to succeed or not?" wherein 51% of Democrats said "No."

    Media Outrage: None

  • January 25, 2009: Rush Limbaugh - "I hope he fails." (regarding President Obama)

    Media Outrage: Plentiful. In fact, it was the number 2 news story in America last week (beaten out only by the economy) with pundits, politicians, and punks alike calling for everything from a ban on Limbaugh, to the revocation of his radio license, and all the way to calls for him to be hanged for treason. An effort that the White House admits was both coordinated and "explicitly authorized" within its walls by Obama's advisers.

  • Egregious double-standard anyone?

    More Stimulus?

    on Tuesday, March 10, 2009

    Such are the words of Queen Pelosi and crew, who seem to be having plenty of fun spending your grandchildren's money these days:

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday she is open to introducing a second stimulus bill, but it's too early to determine the size of such a package and the timing on another major economic measure.

    “We have to keep the door open to see how it goes,” Pelosi told reporters Tuesday following a House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee hearing on the economy...

    “We hope it will be sooner rather than later that [the stimulus] catches fire in Washington, D.C.
    I'm confused. I remember Washington promising us that the first TARP bill would save the economy. Then we were promised the second bill would fix everything. Now we need a third? When are these guys going to stop? Stimulus #9?

    As I've already noted, the numbers from this recession mirror those of the 1981 recession that Jimmy Carter left as a parting gift to Reagan. And yet, somehow, we didn't need oodles of spending bills to pull us out back then. Why then do the Dems in Congress need a new weekly stimulus bill paid for by my great-great-great grandkids before they are satisfied?

    Insult, or Just Plain Incompetence?

    on Thursday, March 5, 2009

    Often times when high-level international government officials meet for the first time, they exchange gifts. For example, when Britain Prime Minister Gordon Brown recently visited Washington, he gave President Obama an ornamental pen holder made from the timbers of the Victorian anti-slave ship HMS Gannet - once called HMS President. The gift holds significant meaning as the timbers come from the sister ship of the HMS Resolute - the same HMS Resolute whose remnants became the Resolute desk which serves as the president's personal desk in the oval office - yet another gift from the Brits.

    So what thoughtful gift did President Obama give to Gordon Brown on his trip to Britain? A 25 pack of DVDs. And not even Blu-Ray for that matter:

    For despite being leader of the world's most bountiful nation, President Obama handed over nothing more thought-provoking than 25 classic American films on DVD.

    It was the equivalent of receiving a pair of socks from an unfamiliar aunt at Christmas - and a less-than-glowing affirmation of the UK-US bond

    Despite being a 'special collector's box set', any film buff could have picked up the movies from their local video store for just £250.

    It is not clear what the Prime Minister - not believed to a great fan of cinema - thought about receiving the films.
    What a slap in the face to our strongest world ally. And to top it all off, I bet Obama doesn't even know that they probably weren't even for the right DVD region, meaning PM Brown wouldn't even be able to watch them in the UK.

    Well, maybe Michelle Obama did better with her gifts to the Brown's children

    Mr Brown and his wife also showered gifts on the Obama children giving Sasha and Malia an outfit each from Topshop and six children's books by British authors which are shortly to be published in America.

    In return, the Obamas gave the Browns two models of the presidential helicopter, Marine One, to take home to sons Fraser and John.
    A couple of plastic replicas of the presidential helicopter? I'm a poor college student and even I get my kids better gifts than that! Way to go family Obama.


    on Wednesday, March 4, 2009

    Wall Street is in shambles. Retirement funds are all but gone. And there's some talk that a full-blown depression may be around the corner.

    So what's your courageous president up to these days:

    Top Democrats believe they have struck political gold by depicting Rush Limbaugh as the new face of the Republican Party, a full-scale effort first hatched by some of the most familiar names in politics and now being guided in part from inside the White House.

    The strategy took shape after Democratic strategists Stanley Greenberg and James Carville [as well as White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel who is listed later in the story - ed.] included Limbaugh’s name in an October poll and learned their longtime tormentor was deeply unpopular with many Americans, especially younger voters. Then the conservative talk-radio host emerged as an unapologetic critic of Barack Obama shortly before his inauguration, when even many Republicans were showering him with praise.

    Soon it clicked: Democrats realized they could roll out a new GOP bogeyman for the post-Bush era by turning to an old one in Limbaugh, a polarizing figure since he rose to prominence in the 1990s.
    The markets have lost almost 20% of their value since Obama took over (with much of that loss being directly attributed to his implemented policies). But instead of working on real issues of merit, we are now learning that the White House is the one leading the charge on the recent vicious attack on Rush Limbaugh. The story linked above details how White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel was even conducting conference calls from the White House to discuss with democratic strategists on how to successfully attack Limbaugh.

    How in the world is this "the change we can believe in" Mr Obama? You promised us real leadership and change over how politics is done in Washington. And many in America believed you. But instead, you've shamelessly become the very type of attack machine you promised to abolish. For heaven's sake, we are in a serious financial crisis!! And yet your only top priority right now is to bash conservative talk-show hosts?

    Headline of the Day

    Via Discovery.com:

    Global Warming: On Hold?

    Hey geniuses, if you're running stories about how global warming is on hold, there's obvisously no more global warming, is there?...