Backwards America - Part 2

on Sunday, December 23, 2007

Here's some pleasant news just in time for the holidays:

Poll: 27% of Americans think the Christmas season should focus LESS on Jesus Christ

...and to confirm, here's a screenshot from the pollster's website:

Who in the world are these people!? 81 million Americans think that a holiday that celebrates the birth of Christ... should focus less on Christ. Un-believable

Betcha anything Barbara Walters sides with the 27%.

Backwards America - Part 1

on Thursday, December 13, 2007

For months on end now I tear my hair out every time I read news stories about how certain Americans have their thinking totally backwards... Instances like when libs say American soldiers are losers, that 9/11 was committed by American insiders, or when tax-funded schools prohibit students from displaying American flags in their lockers or on their clothing. I've been wanting to hit stories like these all at once, but since they are becoming so commonplace I have instead decided to start a segment called "Backwards America." Whenever some useful, liberal idiot out there has their brain wired backwards be sure to check in here and hear all about it. And with that, let's get started...

Today's occasion takes us no further than Capital Hill where your worthless Congress (once again) has pandered to a few small minority groups while stabbing the rest of us in the back. Just a day or two ago a resolution to honor Christmas and the Christian faith hit the floor - and nine Democrats voted against it. Now I'm sure some atheist out there is thinking, "But Mike, not all of us in America are Christians, LOL!" True, but then why did those same 9 Dems vote 'YES' to support earlier resolutions to honor the holidays of Islam and Hinduism? I'd love to hear Pete Stark answer that one. After all, about 80% of Americans are Christian and Congress is elected to represent the rest of the American population. So why are they voting against our values and beliefs?

What in the world is wrong with these people?! How did they get elected and who voted for them?! Something is seriously wrong when political correctness demands an honoring of two religions which had no part in our nation's founding, while simultaneously demanding the disavowing of the very religion that is the founding principle of this land of freedom that these politicians call home.

Blogger-in-Chief 'Allahpundit' wisely puts it this way: "The left sometimes seem to have it in its mind that the Establishment Clause contains some sort of equal protection component that makes it okay to endorse minority religions, however symbolically, while scrupulously resisting the faith of the majority lest it burst into theocracy. No such doctrine, boys."

Political correctness in this country is smothering everything you and I believe in.

On a similar note, Barbara Walters is mad that she got a 'religious' Christmas card from the Bush family. Watch this:

Huh?... Barbara, Christmas is a religious holiday, hun! The hint is in the holiday’s name, you insufferable dimwit. Seriously, only a liberal could get offended when somebody wishes them a Merry Christmas. Hey Barb, are you offended that the Kabaa in Saudi Arabia features banners with Koranic verses? In your words, "Wouldn’t that offend everyone who isn’t Muslim?" Or what about when the Empire State Building was recently lit up in green to celebrate Ramadan? I didn't hear you complaining then! But when somebody sends a Christmas card with a Bible verse, oh, that's way out of line.

I'll bet anybody $100 that Barbara will never say a word about any Hanukkah, EID, or Divali cards she has gotten this season.

By the way Barb, at least the Bush family sent you a card, regardless of your constant public criticism of them. Did you send one to them?

Holiday Spending - Democrat Style!

on Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Most of us know that the holidays is a major time for spending, but Nancy Pelosi has shown us how to take that to a whole new level.

Reports today have released figures stating that your Speaker of the House, Mrs. Nancy Pelosi, has spent $16,000 of your tax dollars... ON FLOWERS FOR HER OFFICE!!

Pelosi has spent $3 million of your taxes in her first nine months in office, 67% more than her predecessor, Dennis Hastert (a republican), spent during his first nine months as Speaker.

Included in that $3 million, Pelosi has spent:

1) Over $60,000 of your hard earned tax money on personal travel - a figure which doesn't even include her worthless frolicking to the Middle East and Europe.

2) $10,000 to a former Clinton White House speechwriter for one, single speech she delivered to the Israeli Knesset.

3) $20,000 to a lawyer to help her "transition" into her latest post as Speaker.

4) Over $2,400 to a makeup artist for her makeup during the week of her swearing in.

...all of which is your tax money. And remember, these are the same people who blew away your Social Security. And who think they can cheaply run nationalized health care.

UPDATE: Oh yeah, Merry Christmas:

NBC Hates the Troops

on Sunday, December 9, 2007

...but are any of you surprised in hearing that? You shouldn't be after NBC's decision this week not to air an ad from Freedom's Watch, a conservative group that supports both President Bush as well as our troops' presence in Iraq and Afghanistan. Freedom's Watch wanted to run ads on NBC thanking the troops for their service during this holiday season, but NBC rejected the ads saying they were "too political."

Oh really?...

See the ads for yourself:

You're right NBC, saying thank you is way over the line... Good call for refusing to run the ads thanking those who risk their lives for you every day. I now see that saying a mere "thank you" during the holidays is way too political. (Yes, I'm being sarcastic.)

NBC said their decision to not air the ads was based on an internal, "decades-old" policy stating that airing the ads would "violate the network's prohibition on controversial issue ads." In other words, NBC has a policy that prohibits them from airing messages that are too political or controversial. But if that's the case then I must pose the following question to NBC: If you refused to air ads thanking troops because they are "too political or controversial" then why did your network (NBC Universal) air the following ad from John Edwards on Keith Olbermann's MSNBC show (which you also own) mere days within 9-11 and just minutes after Bush's speech to the nation regarding the war in Iraq?

...or what about the ad from that aired during the Today Show (which you also own, NBC) asking Americans "how many more troops will die" (which you can see here).

CAN YOU HONESTLY SAY THAT EDWARD'S/MOVEONE'S ADS AREN'T POLITICAL OR CONTROVERSIAL?!? Give me a break, NBC! You allowed John Edwards' to spew that crap within an hour of a presidential address about 9-11 and Iraq and then you approved MoveOn's filth to penetrate your airwaves on one of your most popular shows - but then you refuse to air a humble ad thanking the troops while they are away from home during the holidays because it's "too controversial." Shame on you.

A further investigation by a research group has found that one of NBC's lawyers behind the decision is a major Democratic supporter and has contributed at least $45,000 of his own cash to support people like Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton. Shocka!

UPDATE: In light of all this dirty laundry, no wonder NBC has decided to run the ads after all.

Stop Breathing to Save the Environment!

on Friday, December 7, 2007

Global warming fanatics are losing it. Just a few days ago the top link on Yahoo news was: Divorce causes global warming. A few weeks before that, a woman in Britain made headlines when she had herself "fixed" so that she couldn't have any children. Why, you ask?? Because she said having children is "selfish" and destructive to the environment. Australian researchers are even trying to replicate a bacteria found in kangaroo stomachs and then place it in cows because kangaroo flatulence is "better for the environment."

These people have lost their minds.

Is anyone else getting the feeling that EVERYTHING is being blamed as either a cause or an effect of global warming? British professor Dr. John Brignell does. In fact, he has painstakingly compiled a website that has around 600 links of news articles blaming everything on global warming.

Some of the links are totally hypocritical. For example: Global warming causes avalanches to be reduced AND avalanches to be increased. Global warming causes bananas to be destroyed AND bananas to grow better. Global warming causes coral reefs to shrink AND coral reefs to grow. (Check out the list for yourself, I'm not making this up!)

Meanwhile, to combat the evil forces of rising pollution, leaders from 187 different nations are flying to a resort in Bali for a UN conference to discuss the Kyoto Protocol and global warming. But researchers estimate that the pollution caused by those flying to the convention will be equal to that of 20,000 cars in one year. So in other words, global warming leaders are causing massive amounts of pollution... in order to discuss reducing pollution. Makes sense, doesn't it?!

And while you all let that sink in, I'm going to be reading about how global warming is causing Christmas gingerbread houses to collapse.

Your Lying, Hard-Working Democrats

on Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Democrats were so giddy when they took back the House and the Senate last year. Nancy Pelosi and her dog Steny Hoyer proclaimed that in their "first 100 hours in power" they would eliminate worldwide poverty, cure cancer, and put chocolate milk in every school drinking fountain in America.

But as is the case with modern Dems, their promises turned up empty and their first 100 hours resulted in bupkis. As time passed, Pelosi and her cronies continued to vow that they "really would work harder than the Republicans, dude!"

But surprise, surprise... they lied yet again.

The official 2008 calendar for the Democrat controlled House has been published. How many 5-day workweeks should we expect from our hardworking Dems all next year? How about 3.

You know, you'd like to think that when you have one of the lowest approval ratings in the history of the House you wouldn't take more vacation time. But then again, Democrats never really have been intertested in actually getting anything done, have they now?

As a personal side note, I wish I could make Pelosi's tax-payer paid salary of about $200,000 a year and only have to show up to work Mon-Fri only 3 times a year...

See the 2008 Congress calendar for yourself here.

Here's a video which I think sums up this post perfectly: